Due to the confidentiality of our assignments, we do not publish the list of our customers. Nevertheless we can describe a selection of our projects in general terms. Below we present a brief description of projects that have been entrusted to us from the start of operations in December 2006. All assignments were executed by RISC’s Partners, in some cases assisted by external inspectors and experienced colleagues. Reports are edited under the strict supervision of RISC’s partners. Nearly all the assignments were carried out in no more than ten days from the inspection and / or initial assignment, when a first draft could be discussed with the client.

  • Risk inspections for complex risks such as wood & logging, mining, pharmaceutical, production / manufacturing and beach-front hotels. Reports include, if desired by the client, maximum probable loss calculation, damage prevention recommendations as well as recommendations for the reinsurance placement.


  • Assessment of earthquake exposure with focus on office buildings and shopping centers (including calculation of PML) for American investors in Latin America.


  • Inspection reports for erection/construction risks, machinery breakdown and electronic equipment for reinsurance placement purposes as well as loss prevention inspections for risks allover Latin America. Reports can include PML estimation.


  • Toll roads: different risk analysis, calculation of PML to determine coverage limits in the CAR (construction) policy or CECR (completed engineering civil works) policy. Our works include an evaluation of the risk exposure, review of loss minimization measures and recommendations for the subscription.


  • Hydro-power Plants: fire inspections, machinery breakdown inspections also considering loss of profit for Latin America based risks for the London market and the European reinsurance market. We followed up on mega-projects in Mexico, Costa Rica, Panama, Colombia and Ecuador.


  • Claims adjustments and settlements: review of several loss adjusting reports of Government risks after severe nat-cat loss events. Review and analysis of the policy, reinsurance cover-note, loss adjuster’s report and recommendations for a technically correct claims adjustment.


  • Work Progress Inspections in terms of the anticipated loss of profit policy (ALoP) with a focus on large infrastructure projects in Latin America (hydro power plants and highways) as well as beachfront hotels in hurricane prone areas.


  • Preparation of subscription information for complex infrastructure projects and industrial risks (mining, telecommunications, thermal and hydroelectric).


  • Training and Seminars: Engineering, Completed Engineering Civil Works, Anticipated Loss of Profit, The Preparation of a Risk Inspection as well as individual seminars upon request.


  • Evaluation of equipment and component’s storage conditions in case of interruption /suspension in the construction or erection.


  • Third Party Liability: Risk analysis and PML determination for the transport of special and oversized equipment


  • Arbitration and Mediation: Cases include, among others, disputes in case of a catastrophic loss of 10 million USD, machinery breakdown of individual mechanical components of a substation, catastrophe losses related to the policy of completed civil engineering risk, an explosion at a combined cycle plant as well a dispute over a reinsurance placement of a jumbo risk. In all cases where RISC served as arbitrator, mediator or single expert, our verdict was accepted by the parties.


  • Engineering subscription: RISC subscribes conventional engineering risks in Latin America as a consultant for an underwriting agency in Miami, USA.