Specialized (re)insurance consultancy services for Engineering and Property


RISC’s partners have over 25 years experience in the field of engineering underwriting

Risk Management

An inherent part of underwriting is the risk inspection, where targeted recommendations reduce the probability of a loss

Natural Hazards

Following up on climate conditions, the analysis of nat cat exposure and a professional PML estimation are paramount for an adequate accumulation control


The correct interpretation of the Engineering wordings and endorsements continue to be a controversial aspect in many cases


Our professional experience and expertise acquired during 25 years in the engineering reinsurance market is at the disposition of our clients

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Discretion, impartiality, and detailed technical understanding are some of the key ingredients for an independent ruling

Being informed, staying updated, and monitoring events in the (re) insurance industry are paramount to our mission.

Faced with continuous changes, including changes in technology and information processing, the way insurance industry professionals are trained, as well as geo-political and climate change, RISC provides its clients with the expertise necessary to meet the daily challenges of a fast changing environment. We are conscious that also we ourselves have to stay up to date in order to continue providing our clients with the level of excellency they deserve.


RISC aims to serve the re-insurance community as a leading technical consultant, providing assistance to high quality (re)insurers who are active in the Latin American market. The quality of our human capital, experience, market relationships and knowledge of local environment ensure client satisfaction. High professional ethics and standards, and absolute transparency in our trade relations are our top priorities.


Due to a changing economic environment, dynamic geopolitical issues and the entry of new players in the financing of infrastructure projects, the Latin American reinsurance market faces constant changes. Catastrophic events, whether man-made or due to natural hazards, consistently imply growing claim payments, indicating that a proper risk analysis will remain an important topic within Engineering reinsurance. We intend to provide consulting services that represent the important link between engineering underwriters and the (re)insured projects.


Since the start of our business in 2006, based on the vision of its founders, RISC has built an ever growing and diversified book of business. Originally serving only the Mexican market, RISC’s operation currently involves assignments all around Latin America. We are proud to be able to offer clients an increasingly broad range of services, as new demands arise.

In the “Services“ section of this website, you will find a (not exhaustive) listing of some of the services offered by RISC.

These include Underwriting of Engineering in Latin America, where RISC supports a specialized Miami-based MGA with the underwriting of a well defined Engineering market niche.

Our technical underwriting services include evaluation and analysis of facultative r/i offers, risk exposure assessment, and suggestions with respect to the share in the business within the framework of an Engineering Management Agreement backed by international reinsurers operating in Latin America.

Another business line that experienced an increased demand is the Alternative Dispute Solution: mediation, arbitration and expert opinion are requested in the interpretation of policies and their condition, dispute on claims payments, application of the deductible to mention a few. Objectivity, expertise, impartiality, and honesty are the basic ingredients to succeed in this sector, where conflicting parties rely always more on the expertise of independent third parties to solve their technical controversies.

We are still loyal to our principle by operating in a lean and efficient manner, with low overhead what gives us a strong competitive advantage. We are also aware that the expansion of our business portfolio requires a larger infrastructure, and consequently higher costs. Nevertheless as the company grows, RISC strives to maintain its principles of an agile and efficient operation, maximizing available resources.